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Collect more samples in less time, and make 12 hours feel like a short day.

Gather superior quality probe samples in all soil types with the fastest automatic soil samplers in the field.

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Agri Consulting Services
Jesse Weaver
Wintex 1000 has preformed very well in all sorts of soils, moistures, and stones. I like the durability, dependability, cycle speed, ease of handling, and service from the dealer
Precision Crop Services
Phil Bender
The results from our four Wintex 1000 units have exceeded my expectations.  Acreage covered and sample numbers generated per unit has increased by about 50% over our previous conventional sampling methods.
Prosser's Ag Service
Tom Prosser
Wintex has allowed me to expand my business through increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and consistency with a single unit routinely taking over 200 samples per day!
Rock River Laboratory
Zachery Meyer
Wintex 1000 diminishes the physical strain of soil sampling, extends the sampling season and allows a higher level of production while maintaining a consistent sample depth, time and time again.

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