Wintex 3000

Triple Split-Core Probe

A triple split-core probes give you the most complete picture of your soil’s health in a convenient package that mounts to a tractor, ATV, UTV, or truck. Adjust each split depth down to 36” from the driver’s seat to for the ultimate in sampling flexibility.

Wintex 1000s automatic soil sampler

Penetrate Deeper. 3 Layers Up to 36" Deep.

Probe Sampling Method

The Wintex probe delivers a homogenous sample—a true picture of your soil’s health, inch by inch. Auger probes, on the other hand, take the majority of their samples from only the soil’s top layer. The specially developed Wintex probe collects approximately 1 lb. of soil with 12-15 cores at a sampling depth of 6", which is the preferred quantity of soil by laboratories.

Hydraulic Hammer

The addition of a hydraulic hammer allows you to sample even the toughest soils—from gravely hillsides to frozen ground in early spring. Adjust the cylinder pressure for different soil types and conditions.

Electronic Depth Control

Electronic Depth Control (EDC) allows the operator to infinitely adjust the depth of the probe by simply adjusting a sensor, which ensures a consistent sampling depth during every cycle.

Auto Discard

If a rock or other destructive material causes the machine to reverse before reaching your desired sample depth, the Wintex 1000s automatically discards the sample before placing it in the soil box, which saves you the time and hassle of sorting through bad samples.

Triple-Core Samples

Separate the soil's layers into three holding boxes from a single probe.

All Soil Types

Scraper blades clean the probe between every stick so you can take accurate samples in all types of soil—even in extremely dry, freshly tilled, or wet soils.

GPS Enabled

The Wintex 1000 integrates with your GPS unit to automatically georeference all of your samples, making repeatable, year-to-year sampling seamless and simple. Also use the data to create precise fertility and fertilizer prescription maps to increase productivity in your fields.

Independently Powered System

Install or uninstall this Honda-powered system on nearly any vehicle in under an hour when you need the ultimate portable and flexible sampling system.

Driver’s Seat Operation

Even a long day of soil sampling is less tiring when you control all functions from the driver’s seat.

Wintex 1000s automatic soil sampler


Cycle Time:
22 – 28 seconds
10 – 12
Sampling Depth:
0 – 24 inches
Diameter Probe:
26 mm
Hydraulic System Power:
Honda GX200 (5.5 hp)
Hydraulic Consumption:
4.2 gal/min at 1,450 PSI
Electrical Power:
12 V DC
Capacity Battery:
14 Ah, 250 W
Net Weight:
209 lbs
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